Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creating the perfect Fathers Day Gift! One is the Wine Bottle Star! is that time of year to find that perfect gift for that special man in your life.......your Dad..... If your Dad is a gardener or just simply likes to play in the yard, then we have that perfect gift. The best gift is usually a collaboration of several different and related items. You want your Dad to know you actually put some thought into it. Here a inexpensive but wonderful gift idea. Purchase or reuse an existing hanging basket. A plastic basket will be just fine Then place four herbs in the empty baskets still in their individual pots. Then go ahead and also add to the mix a book on herbs. Secure with raffia or twine, add a card, and now your done. We will show you several other ideas to make Father's Day a very special day this year as well.

Here's another idea! I like surprises in the garden. Here is a fun and simple project to hang from your trees or simply use in a container. I call this a "wine bottle star".

Your will need:

9 Assorted wine bottles with corks
2 tubes Household silicone glue
4 rolls Paper towels
A little patience

First you start with gluing the bottoms of 4 wines bottles together. Let dry for 4 hours.
Then you glue the center of the 4 bottles with one additional bottle sitting upwards. Let dry for 4 hours.
Last, you then glue 4 bottle leaning upwards at a 45 degrees angle with the paper towels supporting each bottle as they dry for 4 hours.

Then either place in a tree or lay on top of a pot and then plant around.

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  1. Chris:
    It's Debbie from Garvan Gardens. I don't see the video tutorial. Can you post a picture?