Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's-Give a for a life time

Here is such an easy project for you to create that perfect romantic gift.  Whether you think you are an artist or note, I promise you can paint your own piece of heart.
You will need:

Large prestretched artist's canvas
Assorted colors of acrylic paints (orange, yellow, red, lime, aqua, teal blue, and pink)
Gel Medium
Palette Knife
Wide chip brush

Here's How:

1. Lay canvas on covered work space.  Working from above, squirt paint, one color at a time on canvas.  Be random, don't worry about it being perfect!  You really can't mess this up...
2.  Mix paint with gel medium.
3.  Using spatula, apply paint to create heart in center of canvas.
4.  Go over heart gently with chip brush.
5.  Apply additional paint squirts to heart as desired.

This is how to create your own lasting impressions.

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