Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perfect Fall Wreath

It's time to start decorating for fall!!  I can't wait for the cooler temperatures, it's ONE of my favorite times of year!   As a matter of fact, this week I am getting my front porch cleaned and ready for pumpkins, etc. While I wait for them to arrive, I can put up my fall wreath.  When it comes to decorating for autumn, remember to be different and chose that perfect wreath that is unique and may be a little fun.  You can use a berry wreath, but what about one that is covered in green foliage and a snake.  Scary,  yes.......  Or something more elegant like a wreath made entirely from silk white gourds.  The possibilities are endless.  But it's time to get that wreath now or create one yourself before the good stuff is gone.....  Have fun....

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