Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bring Those Spring Flowers Indoors

It's my favorite time of year with all the spring blooming flowers outdoors.  Why not enjoy them inside as well.  Here are a few simple but chic ideas on how to display them indoors.

Test Tube Garland:

This test tube garland may be hung out on the patio or inside the home!  Using a small gauge wire, wrap the wire around a test tube (plastic or glass) and extend the piece of wire at lease 6 inches and create a hook at the top of the wire.  Cut a piece of twine for your garland and attach the test tubes using the hook.  Allow at least 6 inches spacing for each test tube.  Hang the garland, fill test tubes with water, and place a variety of fresh cut flowers or herbs to make a great statement at your next spring party!


- Test tubes
- Wire
- Twine
- Fresh cut flowers/herbs

Framed Vase:

This framed vase is a great addition to any outdoor space!  Take a picture frame of any size and remove the glass.  Using wire cutters, cut out a piece of chicken wire that fits the backside of the picture frame.  Attach chicken wire with a staple gun.  Feed a piece of colorful ribbon from the backside of the frame to where both ends of the ribbon are facing towards you.  Take a small vase preferably with a "neck" and tie the ribbon around the neck of the vase.  Fill with water and and add fresh flowers!


- Picture frame
- Chicken wire
- Wire cutters
- Staple gun
- Ribbon
- Vase
- Flowers

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