Friday, May 16, 2014

Entertaining with Class

Place Card Ideas:

When entertaining, whether for lunch or dinner, it's always nice to have place cards awaiting your guests!  A super simple idea is to take a clear plate (glass or melamine) and decoupage a place card underneath the place.  Be sure to glue the name side of the card directly underneath the plate, so the name appears correctly.  Place the plate on a fun placemat for the name to really pop! Another idea is to take a small terra-cotta pot, fill with styrofoam, place a spoon or fork's handle into the center of the styrofoam, and fill with moss.  Either hot glue the place card directly onto the spoon or slip the place card in between the tines of the fork.  In the wedding section of any craft store, there are packages of place card holder.  Any item may be turned into a fun place card that may also be given as a favor.  For instance, a spool of colorful twine, or any object may be used to create place cards.  


- Clear glass or melamine plate
- Place card/marker
- Modge Podge/brush
- Placemat
- Terra-cotta pot
- Styrofoam
- Spoon/fork
- Moss
- Place card/marker

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