Monday, April 4, 2011

Fine Vines

VINE-ally!! A way to expand your gardens without having to break ground. Think up rather than out, and let climbing vines do the rest. Vines give your garden new dimension, add vibrant color to your landscape as well as being a practical problem solver for many unsightly situations. Looking to hide those ugly trash cans near your house?? Let a vine climb a trellis placed in front of them. Want to blend your chain-link fence into the landscape?? A flowering vine will give it a natural look without sacrificing function.

Mix annual vines such as Morning Glories, the Cardinal Cypress Vine, and the purple Hyacinth Vine ( this plant!!!), with wood vines. Some great woody vines are Evergreen Clematis, any type of climbing rose, Carolina Jasmine, Star (or Confederate) Jasmine, and so many others. If you mix your vines, then in summer when your woody vines are just green, but the annual vines will be in full bloom. Remember...just stop in at Botanica Gardens and either myself or one of the staff will be HAPPY to help you out!!

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