Monday, April 11, 2011

The Scoop on Shrubs

The simple shrub---it can work wonders in your yard. Whether it's structure, privacy, color or wildlife you seek, there's a shrub to fill every need.

Growing on a smaller scale than trees, shrubs are easier to manage and more admirable at eye level. Their size also means it's easier to find spots for them in a existing landscape, and they won't create large areas of unwanted shade. An added bonus, you get to enjoy their appearance year-round. Follow these steps and put shrubs to work for you.

1. Savvy Shopping--Find out which shrubs meet your needs.
2. Find the Right Spot--Take a walk around your property and determine where shrubs may fit in.
3. Planting-Planting shrubs isn't as hard as you would think.
4. Finishing Touches--Frequent watering and fertilizing will do wonders.

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