Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plants that Like it Hot..

With the summer heat in Arkansas so many plants begin to suffer and some even burn out by August.  So, if you are looking for plants that thrive in our tropical heat then, I have several new and exciting varieties that will last from April until the end of November depending on our first frost.  That's right.... 8 monthsWOW!!!
Here are some of my favorites that you can find at Botanica Gardens in Little Rock or some but not all at other garden centers.
*Clerodendrum-Blue Butterfly Wings
*White and Purple Duranta (Great flowering shrub)
*Bromeliad Imperial (Silver Sword Bromeliad)
*Cat Whiskers
*Cissus Discolor
*Trailing Maidenhair Fern
*Alocasia Boa
*Alocasis Stingray
*Red Sister Cordyline
*Crocodile Fern
Plant these great and wonderful plants and you will have a beautiful landscape for months to come.

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