Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pear Essentials

Who knew pears could satisfy more than our sense of taste. Not only are pears great when you need a sweet treat or delectable recipe ingredient,  but they are also eye candy making beautiful and elegant fresh décor for your home, wedding or special event. Here are some easy ideas to create the perfect spring and summer decor for any gathering. 

Stack-able Pear Arrangement:

Take a 1 inch x 6 inch board (any length) and paint it a nice green color.  Then drill and secure several metal rods into the board about 12 inches tall or a little shorter at a random pattern.   All you have to do now is just slide fresh pears onto the rods.   I also like to use sheet moss to hide and camouflage the painted board for a softer look.  Don't forget to scatter a few pears on the table itself.

For that perfect kitchen accessory just take a real or artificial pear and dip half of each fruit into a bowl full of acrylic paint.  Choose any color that you like.  Let dry and then fill a bowl full of these colorful wonders.  Even a painted pear placed in a bird's next makes for an eye catching display.

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