Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do It Yourself Mother's Day Projects!!!

Before it is too late, create and make that perfect Mother's Day gift that your mom so well deserves.  I have a few easy ideas that anyone can create.  These gifts are sure to make you mom forgive all those past mistakes you have made.  You heard it here first!

Azalea Bonsai:

Create an Azalea Bonsai using an azalea from a nursery.  Remove azalea from original container, break roots, and place on a flat surface.  Begin pruning the lower branches.  Look at the azalea and determine which middle branches need to be removed to create the “bonsai” look.  Once this process is complete, plant azalea in a bonsai pot.  Cover with sheet moss.  Any Mother would be thrilled with this unique gift!
-Azalea from a nursery (1 gallon)
-Bonsai pot

Moss-Covered Monogram:
Whether you choose your mother’s first or last initial, a moss-covered monogram can be displayed in the home or on the front door!  Take a wooden letter found at a craft store or create one out of heavy poster board.  Wrap letter with sheet moss using a hot glue gun.  Display on an easel inside the home or attach a ribbon at the top of the letter using a hot glue gun to hang anywhere in the home or on the front door!
-Wooden letter or poster board letter
-Sheet moss
-Hot glue gun
-Easel or ribbon

Herb Garden:

For the mother who loves to cook, an herb garden is the perfect gift!  Gather Italian herbs for the “Mamma Mia,” or “Happy Hour” herbs such as mint, basil, and rosemary to prepare a refreshing cocktail.  Place herbs in a picnic basket or a fun container.  Fill with moss.  The container container may later be used as an “ice bucket” for a family gathering or cocktail party! 
-Variety of herbs
-Fun container:  picnic basket or fun container

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