Monday, May 13, 2013

Simple and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

Life is busy but you still need to give appreciation to the one person in your life that has always sacrificed for you and that is your Mom.   Show your love and admiration with these simple and easy gifts that will make her feel so special and score you major brownie points.

If your mom is a gardener and outdoorsy type of person then create your own dish garden by taking a inexpensive clay saucer and planting it with an array of seasonal color that is design with her favorite colors in mind.  I will show you several other "knick knacks" that will sure to impress her and make this special day even more memorable.

Why not make her the perfect gift.  Here are some fun ideas that the whole family can help make.

Seashell Heart Art:

For a Mother who loves the beach, give her a seashell heart!  Take any size canvas and paint with a color of your choice.  A variety of seashells may be purchased at any craft store.  Using a pencil or by hand, create a heart shape on the painted canvas.  Fill in the heart shape with seashells.  Glue down seashells with hot glue.  This seashell heart will bring a Mother joy!
-Acrylic Paint/ Brush
-Hot glue


Birdcage Arrangement:

Create a beautiful arrangement for your mother using a birdcage!  Take a birdcage (finding one at an antique mall is always fun or a craft store) and place already potted plants or flowers through the top opening of the birdcage.  Fill bottom of birdcage with sheet moss.  Add a card and your mother will be singing with delight!

Chalkboard Serving Platter: Muffins for Mom

Using a platter or plate, paint the rim with chalkboard paint, or you may choose to paint the entire plate.  Tape off edges prior to painting if needed.  You may use chalkboard spray paint or paint from a can.  Allow paint to dry and write Mom a lovely message or give her a variety of muffins and label the varieties with chalk!
-Platter/ Plate
-Chalkboard paint (spray paint or can)/ Paintbrush if needed
-Variety of muffins


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