Saturday, July 27, 2013

Affordable Entertaining

Are you on a budget but you want to have a party.    I can show you how to entertain without breaking the bank. 

3-Tiered Planter, Food Caddy, or Home Organizer:

Ready for another super easy, fun, an inexpensive project?  Create a planter, food caddy, or home organizer using 3 bowls (large, medium, and small) and two wine glasses!  It's that simple!  Invert one of the wine glasses and hot glue the glass portion to the inside of the large bowl.  Now, hot glue the medium size bowl to the bottom of the inverted wine glass.  Next, invert the second wine glass and hot glue it inside the medium bowl.  Hot glue the small bowl on top of the inverted wine glass.  That's it!  Now fill your 3-tiered project with succulents and rocks, candy or chips for your next party, or use as a home organizer for keys, mail, etc.  Enjoy!


-3 bowls (large, medium, small)
-2 wine glasses
-hot glue gun/ hot glue

*All supplies were found at the dollar store.

Oven Baked Message Plates:

If you are on a mission for a personalized gift, this Oven Baked Message Plate is the gift idea for you!  Allow your creativity to bloom with this fun and easy project!  A white plate, bowl, platter, etc. (found at the Dollar Store) and a Sharpie marker is all you will need to make this gift idea a reality!  Write a message of any kind, a poem, song lyrics, or draw a picture directly onto the white plate using the Sharpie marker.  Bake the plate in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes, and your personalized gift is now permanent and ready to give!  Have some more fun and utilize the fun colored markers Sharpie has to offer!  


White plate, bowl, platter, etc.
Sharpie marker

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