Saturday, July 6, 2013

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 Great projects for the kids.  Make your Independence day one to remember this year.  Here are some fun projects that are sure to make your home festive and vibrant with American pride.

4Th of July Festive Garland:

It's America's birthday, so let's celebrate with this super easy festive garland!  This festive garland has a little "sparkle" by using Aluminum Foil!  You will need Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, blue construction paper, a button or bead, needle and thread.  Cut lots of small to medium size squares using the Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, and blue construction paper.  After threading your needle, first add the button or bead and secure your knot.  Then begin threading your squares alternating Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, Aluminum Foil, blue construction paper, etc.  You will need several squares to create a full and festive garland.  This super easy garland will add "spunk and sparkle" to your 4th of July celebration!


Aluminum Foil
Red tissue paper
Blue construction paper
Button or bead
Needle and thread

4Th of July Candle Votives:

Your table is set, and it's time to add a bit of light to your 4Th of July table!  Gather any size clear glass jars or vases.  Next, use red and white striped and blue and white striped clotheslines (found at the dollar store) and wrap the clotheslines around the jars and vases.  Secure your first piece with a dab of hot glue at the base of the jar and vase.  Wrap the clotheslines around the jar and vase securing with hot glue periodically.  Be creative...wrap one jar with all red and white, another vase with the blue and white clothesline, or mix them both together!  


Clear glass jars and vases
Red and white and blue and white clothesline (found at the dollar store)
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

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