Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating the Perfect Coffee Table Look!

You can make you coffee table look so stylish by just doing a few simple and easy tricks. I have found that the coffee table is an ideal place to show off your collectibles and assortment of different items you may have. Create a mix match look. for goodness sakes, try to refrain from using everything that matches! Mix new items with old items. Add one or two contemporary elements or simply display 3 traditional items in a straight line. The magic number is three here! Three items together and lined up gives a nice contemporary look! Use some stacked books for a pedestal and then add a few assorted items like a mineral rocks, a small vase with fresh flowers, and a bowl planted with our favorite and colorful tropical plants such as Bromeliads. It's that simple...
Of course, don't forget candles..there is nothing that sets the mood of relaxation as lit candles! Candles are so inexpensive..so don't be cheap and light them EVERY NIGHT!! Treat yourself..YOU DESERVE IT!

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