Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot House Plants to Beautify Your Home

This is going to be a two parter since I have so many cool things to share with you! So make sure to check back NEXT MONDAY!!

Rule number 1: Never follow but always lead. This rule applies definitely when you are decorating your home inside and, for the matter, on the outside as well. It's almost spring time and you get that spring fever to clean your house and you desire that fresh and new look. You can fluff up your home decor without spending much cash at all. Simply place new hybrids of houseplants to spice up your decor. Here are some hip and fun plants that will do the job: The Dragon series Dracena (twisted and awesome), The hanging pitcher plant (loves bugs), the nun orchid, the velvet purple passion plant (great color), every type of bromeliad you have never seen and lush, lacy ferns.

Just give all these plants lots of indirect light. Keep moist and please don't over water. Fertilize every few weeks with Miracle Gro and you will have beautiful houseplants that not only complement your decor but help purify your air.

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