Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Valentines Gifts

Okay..let's talk. If you have been giving your Sweet Valentine the same gift each and every year, then promise me this, you will stop! If you do, then will get so much band for your buck when you do something different this year! Usually, but not always, the same gift each year says that your too lazy to do anything else. It's easy and effortless. Well, is that the impression you really wan to to give the love of your life...or that very special someone??? I hope not! So, instead, create a gift that is made up of several items. For example, add a bar of nicely wrapped soap, some candy, a candle, a small arrangement of flowers, a gift certificate from his or her favorite store, and even a cool Arkansas crystal! This gift says..."You are worth my time to take a few precious moments out of my very busy day and search for such individual and special items". Usually, you can even find all of those items at one store!! You have to LOVE THAT!!

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