Friday, January 11, 2013

Poinsettia Mania

So what's new in the poinsettia world? There are lots of new varieties and colors of this Christmas flower on the market today. What's in style? This year I went ahead and mixed three colors instead of staying true to just one. Love the look!!! I did a more old-fashion look by mixing pink, red and white poinsettias in clusters of three. I removed the plastic sleeves from each pot and simply dropped each plant into their very own clay pot. Remember to put a plastic saucer in the bottom of each clay pot and to also (for double protection) place the clay pots in a clay saucer as well.
The care of poinsettias is rather simple. Keep moist but not wet, provide plenty of light, and keep away from heat vents. Poinsettias thrive more on neglect then love....:)

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