Friday, January 11, 2013

Propogation Made Easy

Step One: Propagation is so easy. Take cuttings of your tree or shrub in the dormant season. Cut a 6 to 8 inch-long section of the stem, preferably from the previous season's growth. Make sure to cup the top of the section at an angle just above a single bud or pair of buds. The bottom of the cutting should be a straight cut just below a single bud or pair of buds.
Step Two: Dip the base of each cutting into a rooting-hormone powder, which can be found at most garden centers.
Step Three: Make a special potting mixture to root your cuttings. The mixture needs to be four parts compost or good potting soil (peat-free), to one part perlite. Mix together the ingredients evenly.
Step Four: Fill Container with mixture, and plant each cutting. Remember to make the hole in the soil with a pencil and then place each cutting into each hole. This will prevent the rooting-hormone powder from rubbing off. Water well, let drain, and place in a protect place indoors with plenty of indirect light. A window sill works great.

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