Monday, March 31, 2014

Everlasting Geraniums

Most of us are starving for color in our landscape and pots.  The one plant that is the most popular in early spring is the famous Geranium.  Why?  Because you can buy them in full bloom and lush plants.  I do love the plant myself but with the Southern heat they tend to burn out in the summer.  No fear, you can make your geraniums last and bloom all summer long.  How?  Place them in a semi-shady area.  They love morning sun for about 5 to 6 hours.    They are heavy feeders so remember to fertilize with any all purpose fertilizer that is high in phosphorus.  This is the blooming power in fertilizer.  If you dead head the spent flowers then they should bloom for months to come.   

For instant impact buy your geraniums in hanging baskets.  We carry them at Botanica Gardens with other seasonal flowers mixed in for overflowing color all summer long. 

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