Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture This

Spring Twig Picture Frame:

It's time to frame your favorite spring photographs, so let's create the perfect frame!  You will need a picture frame of any size with a wide border, a small bird's nest, twigs, and moss.  All of our supplies came from a local craft store except for the twigs.  The unfinished wood picture frame may either be painted or rubbed with Old English wood furniture polish to create a wood like color. Find twigs from the yard, break them to size, and begin hot gluing the twigs all over the picture frame until completely covered.  Hot glue or tuck moss inside little crevices to give a nice texture and pop of color.  Hot glue the small bird's nest at any corner of the frame.  Now it's time to frame those special spring pictures!


- Unfinished wood picture frame with wide border
- Twigs
- Small bird's nest
- Moss
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue

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