Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Flowers the Endure the Cold

I know that most of you are so tired of the cold winter.  Most of our yards, including my own, look so dull and drab.  Well winter
is not over yet so be careful what flowers you plant now.  It is too early to plant cold sensitive flowers
such as begonias and petunias.  I know, some garden centers have them already in their nurseries.  Don't be
fooled, we still have cold nights ahead, so choose wisely.  There is hope though.  There are so many different
varieties of flowers that you can plant now.  I just planted in my pots blooming dianthus, snap dragons, pansies, nemesia, alyssum,
Lenton Roses,  and even some herbs.  Most of these will burn out before the spring heat but will get you through the
next two months.  Remember these plants are heavy feeders so fertilizer with a general food and they will
bloom their little hears out.

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