Monday, March 10, 2014

Unique Containers

Paint Stick Painter:

Paint sticks aren't just for stirring paint!  They may be used to enhance planters too!  Take a cube shaped wooden box and turn it into a planter for the spring season.  Using the paint sticks, create a design on the outside of the wooden box.  Excessive pieces of the paint sticks may be cut using a "Handi-tool" which is a hand held heavy duty cutting tool.  Hot glue each paint stick onto the wooden cube and then fill in any gaps with spackling.  Once the spackling has dried, paint or stain the paint stick design.  We chose a chevron style pattern to make an ordinary wooden box into a spectacular planter for spring!


- Cube shaped wooden box
- Paint sticks
- Handi-tool
- Spackling
- Hot glue gun/hot glue
- Paint and/or stain
- Plant material

Book Planter:

A unique way of displaying a plant in your home is inside a book!  Take any thick book and open it to where it naturally stays open.  If pages on the left side of the book are not lying down flat, use Elmer's glue to bind the pages together.  You may need to weight the pages down and allow to dry overnight.  Using an exacto knife or box cutter, cut out a rectangle within the size of the pages.  Take out the pages that have been cut and repeat this step until a rather deep "hole" has been cut out.  Line the cut out open area with waxed paper.  Fill with plant material, rocks, and moss to create a wonderful addition to your home!


- Thick book
- Exacto knife or box cutter
- Elmer's glue
- Waxed paper
- Plant material, rocks, moss

Brick Planter:

Do you have any old bricks with holes lying around?  If so, bricks make a fun display for plants or candles to display inside or out!  Simply wash off any dirt from the brick.  Insert succulents, votive candles, or small vases filled with flowers inside the holes of the brick.  This brick planter is a great accent for your spring party!


- Bricks with holes
- Succulents, votive candles, small vase with flowers

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