Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Holiday Planted Container"

Have fun with your potted containers this season. Plant your pots with an assortment of evergreens and then embellish with bamboo poles spray painted a vibrant Christmas red. Stick those in the pot in groupings of odd numbers and the length of each pole is up to you. Then add red netting and a cluster of ornaments. WOW.....Santa will stop by for sure....

Have a great week....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friends visiting on the set with Chris!!

We had such a great time filming this past week...and to make it even MORE special..we had a few visitors!! Some of our fans came by! To make it even MORE special...these folks came in sooo early!
It was great showing off the set that myself and my staff at Botanica had designed! Thanks everyone for your love and support!
Here's a few pics!!

"Christmas Decor for Your Door"

Add holiday cheer to your front door this Christmas. Stop yourself from doing the same "old thing" that you do ever year. I'm going to show you some joyful, unique, and easy ways to make your front door festive for this Christmas season. Use accessories and other supplies that you would normally never consider as a holiday decoration. From wire bowls, silk sedums, to long door swags, your front door can be the focal point of your neighborhood street.