Friday, April 11, 2014

Bunnies, Bunnies and More Bunnies

It's Easter time and that means we decorate with Easter bunnies.  There are so many different kinds you can buy as indoor decor but how you display them is endless.  They also make perfect gifts.  Here is a great idea to make that perfect Easter gift or simply as a decoration for that Sunday lunch or dinner all you have to do is add the bunnies.
Strawberry Basket Easter Gift:

If you are a guest for Easter dinner this year, be sure to create this fun strawberry basket!  You may purchase strawberry quart wooden crates online.  The crate has four solid wooden sides.  Using scrapbook paper, cut to size four pieces of the scrapbook paper.  Glue to each side.  Fill with Easter grass and Easter cookies and candy!

- Strawberry quart crates
- Scrapbook paper
- Scissors/glue
- Easter grass, cookies, and candy

The Higher the Better

Tiered Basket Easter Centerpiece:

For your Easter dinner, why not create a tiered Easter basket centerpiece!  Simply take 3 lightweight baskets of various sizes (large, medium, and small).  Be sure to find baskets that have a handle.  Hot glue the medium sized basket on top of the large basket's handle.  Hold in place and allow to cool.  Repeat this step with the small basket glued on top of the medium sized basket.  Fill the baskets with colorful green shredded paper for the grass and add lightweight Easter goodies for decoration.  Place a moss runner down the middle of your table and add then add your centerpiece!


- 3 baskets with handles
- Hot glue gun/hot glue
- Shredded green paper
- Easter goodies
- Moss table runner

Easter Basket Centerpiece:

When decorating for Easter, you may use any style of baskets when creating your centerpiece.  Take any basket and spray paint the baskets with a color of your choice.  Align three baskets of the same size down the center of your table and fill with fresh, colorful flowers or any Easter goodies.  You may place a moss runner down the middle of your table and add candle votive or Easter candy for an added touch of fun!


- 3 baskets
- Spray paint
- Fresh flowers
- Easter goodies
- Moss table runner
- Candle votive
- Easter candy

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bring Those Spring Flowers Indoors

It's my favorite time of year with all the spring blooming flowers outdoors.  Why not enjoy them inside as well.  Here are a few simple but chic ideas on how to display them indoors.

Test Tube Garland:

This test tube garland may be hung out on the patio or inside the home!  Using a small gauge wire, wrap the wire around a test tube (plastic or glass) and extend the piece of wire at lease 6 inches and create a hook at the top of the wire.  Cut a piece of twine for your garland and attach the test tubes using the hook.  Allow at least 6 inches spacing for each test tube.  Hang the garland, fill test tubes with water, and place a variety of fresh cut flowers or herbs to make a great statement at your next spring party!


- Test tubes
- Wire
- Twine
- Fresh cut flowers/herbs

Framed Vase:

This framed vase is a great addition to any outdoor space!  Take a picture frame of any size and remove the glass.  Using wire cutters, cut out a piece of chicken wire that fits the backside of the picture frame.  Attach chicken wire with a staple gun.  Feed a piece of colorful ribbon from the backside of the frame to where both ends of the ribbon are facing towards you.  Take a small vase preferably with a "neck" and tie the ribbon around the neck of the vase.  Fill with water and and add fresh flowers!


- Picture frame
- Chicken wire
- Wire cutters
- Staple gun
- Ribbon
- Vase
- Flowers

Pesky Moles and Armadillos

It's that time of year when moles are invading our turf areas and squirrels and armadillos are having fun playing in our flowerbeds.  You may have tried different products but there are safe products on the market that are all natural and really work without reapplying them after every rain.  Yard Gard comes in large bags or  4 pound containers.  It deters most animals that dig in the earth and really works.  Yard Gard also makes a natural insecticide spray that is safe for edibles and can be eaten the same day sprayed.  These products contain white pepper and Castro oil among other natural ingredients.