Monday, February 28, 2011

How and What to Use When Cleaning Your Patio Cushions

Yes...........It is that time of year to get your patio furniture ready for the warm seasons. Most of us hate to wash cushions and patio furniture and for that matter, most of us don't know what products to use. Just plain soap and water won't do. You need to use stronger products to clean that mildew and give those cushions a new and fresh look. I know there are products on the market that claim to clean outdoor cushions, but I have found, usually, that they have not really gotten the job done for me. So what I use is a commercial mildew cleaner. You can go to your local home and center and purchase a big container of mildew cleaner. Word of CAUTION, first try a very small area of one of your cushions (preferably the bottom) to make sure that the bleach or chemicals in the mixture will not discolor. I personally have never had that problem, but it's important to make sure you test. I simply spray my cushions on the driveway with water. Then pour the product right onto cushions and scrub it into it with a scrub brush. Then wash of with clean water. Let dry before placing onto the furniture. If you have a lot of mildew and some of it remains after scrubbing, no worries, it will fade away in a few hours.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot House Plants to Beautify Your Home

This is going to be a two parter since I have so many cool things to share with you! So make sure to check back NEXT MONDAY!!

Rule number 1: Never follow but always lead. This rule applies definitely when you are decorating your home inside and, for the matter, on the outside as well. It's almost spring time and you get that spring fever to clean your house and you desire that fresh and new look. You can fluff up your home decor without spending much cash at all. Simply place new hybrids of houseplants to spice up your decor. Here are some hip and fun plants that will do the job: The Dragon series Dracena (twisted and awesome), The hanging pitcher plant (loves bugs), the nun orchid, the velvet purple passion plant (great color), every type of bromeliad you have never seen and lush, lacy ferns.

Just give all these plants lots of indirect light. Keep moist and please don't over water. Fertilize every few weeks with Miracle Gro and you will have beautiful houseplants that not only complement your decor but help purify your air.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Give Soap a Chance"

You're on the right track with the soapy water, but not all soaps are created equal in the bug killing department. Though all of them are formed by the interaction of fat with an alkaline substance, if that makes any sense, the number and nature of fatty acids they contain varies quite a bit. I know this might not matter when your doing the dishes, but it can mean a lot when we are trying to cope with an aphid invasion on your indoor plants!!

So before you give up on soap, try a product specially formulated for houseplant care. At Botanica Gardens we have several different soap mixtures. Not only are they more likely to do the job for which it is intended, they also are less likely to burn the leave of sensitive plants.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Sweet Valentines for your Sweetheart"

Don't get nervous!! You still have time to find that perfect Valentine gift. If you want to give a personal and custom made gift (and you should), then here is an easy and afforable idea. Just spray paint a Terra Cotta pot red, pink, or white. Then take decals and tape and apply to your painted pot to create your own design. Then spray with adhesive glue, apply a generous application of glitter, let dry, and then remove the decals and tape to reveal a wonderful new look. The final touch is to plant the pot with spring bloomers such as tulips. All you need is a special card to complement your new creation. You are sure to score major brownie points this Valentine's Day. You can thank me later.....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Valentines Gifts

Okay..let's talk. If you have been giving your Sweet Valentine the same gift each and every year, then promise me this, you will stop! If you do, then will get so much band for your buck when you do something different this year! Usually, but not always, the same gift each year says that your too lazy to do anything else. It's easy and effortless. Well, is that the impression you really wan to to give the love of your life...or that very special someone??? I hope not! So, instead, create a gift that is made up of several items. For example, add a bar of nicely wrapped soap, some candy, a candle, a small arrangement of flowers, a gift certificate from his or her favorite store, and even a cool Arkansas crystal! This gift says..."You are worth my time to take a few precious moments out of my very busy day and search for such individual and special items". Usually, you can even find all of those items at one store!! You have to LOVE THAT!!

Creating the Perfect Coffee Table Look!

You can make you coffee table look so stylish by just doing a few simple and easy tricks. I have found that the coffee table is an ideal place to show off your collectibles and assortment of different items you may have. Create a mix match look. for goodness sakes, try to refrain from using everything that matches! Mix new items with old items. Add one or two contemporary elements or simply display 3 traditional items in a straight line. The magic number is three here! Three items together and lined up gives a nice contemporary look! Use some stacked books for a pedestal and then add a few assorted items like a mineral rocks, a small vase with fresh flowers, and a bowl planted with our favorite and colorful tropical plants such as Bromeliads. It's that simple...
Of course, don't forget candles..there is nothing that sets the mood of relaxation as lit candles! Candles are so don't be cheap and light them EVERY NIGHT!! Treat yourself..YOU DESERVE IT!