Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alternatives to Poinsettias

If you are worried about having poinsettias around your pets, etc. but want that Christmas color, then use some other alternatives.... I like to use blooming bulbs like the Amaryllis, Paper Whites, and other varieties in white. Try to grow the Kalanchoe, florist Azalea, and even a Lemon Cypress tree. For something different, try the white Lenten Rose. But sometimes, there is nothing like a cheerful lush poinsettia plant. Remember, poiset are not poisonous but can make your stomach a little sick.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keeping Your Cut Evergreens Fresh

Some of us, like myself, have switched from live cut evergreen garland, wreaths, and even Christmas trees to silk substitutes. I have no choice since I start decorating my home the first week in November, but if you are among those die hard that just have to have fresh scented evergreen decorations, then here are a few tips to make them look fresh and alive up to Christmas. First, place your greenery in areas that do not get direct sunlight. Also, always keep away your greenery from heat vents and try to use LED lights that are cooler in temp. so your greenery does not dry out so fast. Mist with water once or twice a day if possible and keep your tree pan full of water at all times. Go ahead and use a preservative that you can add to the water. You can find this product usually where you have purchased your Christmas tree. Over a fireplace try to wait about 1 week before Christmas to decorate. Finally, if your greenery starts to look rather dry, just add some fresh greenery sprays to your display. Most places that sell trees will have extra cut limbs that you can add to garland and wreaths to keep them fresh and plumb. Or trim a few bushes and trees in your yard or like I do...borrow from your neighbors...just kidding.

Peace and Joy,