Saturday, July 27, 2013

Affordable Entertaining

Are you on a budget but you want to have a party.    I can show you how to entertain without breaking the bank. 

3-Tiered Planter, Food Caddy, or Home Organizer:

Ready for another super easy, fun, an inexpensive project?  Create a planter, food caddy, or home organizer using 3 bowls (large, medium, and small) and two wine glasses!  It's that simple!  Invert one of the wine glasses and hot glue the glass portion to the inside of the large bowl.  Now, hot glue the medium size bowl to the bottom of the inverted wine glass.  Next, invert the second wine glass and hot glue it inside the medium bowl.  Hot glue the small bowl on top of the inverted wine glass.  That's it!  Now fill your 3-tiered project with succulents and rocks, candy or chips for your next party, or use as a home organizer for keys, mail, etc.  Enjoy!


-3 bowls (large, medium, small)
-2 wine glasses
-hot glue gun/ hot glue

*All supplies were found at the dollar store.

Oven Baked Message Plates:

If you are on a mission for a personalized gift, this Oven Baked Message Plate is the gift idea for you!  Allow your creativity to bloom with this fun and easy project!  A white plate, bowl, platter, etc. (found at the Dollar Store) and a Sharpie marker is all you will need to make this gift idea a reality!  Write a message of any kind, a poem, song lyrics, or draw a picture directly onto the white plate using the Sharpie marker.  Bake the plate in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes, and your personalized gift is now permanent and ready to give!  Have some more fun and utilize the fun colored markers Sharpie has to offer!  


White plate, bowl, platter, etc.
Sharpie marker

Xeriscaping Defined

Xeriscaping is water-sensible gardening, or using plants that survive on the water that nature provides, with minimal supplementation.  The word is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means of course "dry."  Though water-wise gardening has been around for such a long time, the modern xeriscaping movement began in the 1980's,  believe it or not,  in Denver, where landscapers worked with the water department to develop more conservation-oriented plantings. 

Most of us may live in communities where water shortages are a concern.  So the right plant selection becomes important.  You want to concentrate on plants that grow like our native plants.  Here is a list of low maintenance plants that are durable and tough.   A note of caution-newly planted plants require regular doses of water  in the beginning until established.  Long stretches of hot dry weather can also be a concern,  so when possible provide some water to help your plants survive temporary periods of drought.

Wintergreen Boxwood's.
Most hollies except the Compacta and Helleri varieties.
Junipers such as Seagreen and Grey Owl
German Irises
Crape Myrtles both dwarf and tree form.
Honey Locust trees
Dusty Miller
Russian Sage

These are just a few plants that will thrive in our summer heat with minimum care.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moss It!

"Moss It"
Moss Covered "Anything!":

It is truly amazing what you can do with sheet moss and a glue gun!  You can choose just about anything around your home and cover it with sheet moss.  Here are just a few ideas for indoor or outdoor use.  Cover a mirror preferably one with a medium to wide size frame with sheet moss.  Simply hot glue pieces of moss to the frame.  You may choose to leave a bit of the frame exposed or cover it completely!    Add some embellishments  like broken pottery for texture and that added detail.

Another idea is a lamp, yes a lamp!  You may find any size lamps at garage sales or shop your home for one you may no longer be enjoying.  Again, simply hot glue sheet moss over the base of the lamp.  Add anything you may like to enhance the look such as shells or small rocks.  Do you have any clear glass vases you really don't use?  Try hot gluing the moss around the vase to add a fun layer of detail for your next get together!  

The Death of Roses

Sad but true.  A very devastating disease is affecting all cultivators of roses.  This virus is called rose rosette virus.  It spreads by way of a little mite.  When the mite bites into the rose plant the virus spreads and will usually kill the plant.  Even Knock Out Roses that are very disease resistant can be affected by this rose.   What to do?  There are not sprays that will control this disease so you have two options.
1.  Prune out canes as soon as they begin to show symptoms an hope the virus has not infected the whole plant.
2.  Once the plant shows symptoms remove and destroy.

Luckily, this disease does not live in the soil.  Therefore, carefully remove the infected plant even the rot system.  Then soon you can plant a new rose again.

Recycled Wine Bottles With a New Purpose

Wine Bottle Tabletop Tiki Torch:

If you're hosting an outdoor party, these Wine Bottle Tabletop Tiki Torches are a must!  Super fun and easy!!!  You will need 3/8" washers which you may find at your local hardware store, Tike Torch refill wicks, Tiki Torch fuel, and a hot glue gun.  Simply fill the wine bottle with Tiki Torch fuel about 3/4 full.  Hot glue a washer to the top of the wine bottle.  Place the Tiki Torch wick inside bottle.  Light and enjoy!  You may also fill the wine bottle with small rocks for appearance as well as taking up space (less fuel)!


Wine bottle
3/8" washers
Tiki Torch refill wicks
Tiki Torch fuel
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Seashell Wine Stopper:

Add a punch of color to your evening or use as a hostess gift, create these bright Seashell Wine Stoppers!  Purchase any wine stopper or cork.  Finding colorful wine stoppers will make for a fun wine stopper! Purchase seashells at a local craft store or use ones you have collected at the beach.  Choose a shell that will fit nicely on top of the wine stopper.  Once you have chosen the shell, choose any color acrylic paint to paint entire shell.  Add stripes, polka dots, or leave it plain.  Once the paint has dried, simply hot glue the shell to the wine stopper.  Now you have a fun addition to your party or give one as a hostess gift!


Wine stopper/ cork
Acrylic paint (any color)
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

From Drab to Fab!

Terracotta Pot Wreath:

Whatever season it may be, create a Terracotta Pot Wreath for your front door, garden gate, or simply for decoration.  This fun project only needs a few items to make!  You will need a grapevine wreath (any size), small terracotta pots (number depends on size of wreath-you will cluster them together), wire, wire cutters, and moss!    Lay the grapevine wreath flat on the table.  Take a terracotta pot and thread a piece of wire through the bottom drain hole and around the side of the terracotta pot.  Twist the wire together at the top of the terracotta pot leaving enough wire to wrap through part of the grapevine wreath.  Attach the terracotta pot to the wreath by threading remaining wire and twisting to secure.  Repeat these steps until the wreath is completely filled with terracotta pots.  Arrange the terracotta pots in different directions to add dimension.  Leave a few terra-cotta pots in an upright position to fill with fresh flowers or herbs!  Tuck moss throughout the grapevine wreath to cover any exposed wire.  This lovely Terracotta Pot Wreath will perk up any front door or garden gate especially when filled with fresh flowers or herbs!


-Grapevine wreath (any size)
-Small terracotta pots (number depends of size of wreath)
-Wire cutters
-Fresh flowers or herbs/ potting soil

Fabric Wrapped Terracotta Pots:

For any special occasion, birthdays, 4th of July, or just for fun, these Fabric Wrapped Terracotta Pots will be a fun addition!  Choose fabric according to your desired theme.  Many fabric stores have an array of already cut fabric squares ready to go.  Lay the chosen fabric flat on a table.  Brush Mod Podge on the outside of the terracotta pot.  Mod Podge acts as the glue as well as the protective coat.  Lay the terracotta pot (glued side down) onto the fabric.  Wrap the fabric over the terracotta pot and smooth with your fingers.  Repeat this step until the entire terracotta pot is covered with the fabric.  There will be excess fabric on the top and bottom of the terracotta pot.  Turn the terracotta pot over (top side down) and cut off any excess fabric leaving about an inch of fabric.  Cut slits in the fabric every 2 inches or so.  Brush Mod Podge over bottom of the terracotta pot.  Smooth fabric over the bottom of the pot.  Repeat this step for the top portion of the terracotta pot.  You may leave the inside of the terracotta pot "unfinished" if you will be planting or covering up this area.  If your terracotta pot will be used as decoration, you may add grosgrain ribbon to hide the fabric inside the terracotta pot.  Brush the entire outside area of the fabric terracotta pot with Mod Podge as a protective coat.  Fill with fresh plants, decorations, or use as a utensil holder for parties...the list can keep going according to your imagination!


-Terracotta pots (any size)
-Fabric of choice
-Mod Podge
-Foam brush

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Party Central

 Great projects for the kids.  Make your Independence day one to remember this year.  Here are some fun projects that are sure to make your home festive and vibrant with American pride.

4Th of July Festive Garland:

It's America's birthday, so let's celebrate with this super easy festive garland!  This festive garland has a little "sparkle" by using Aluminum Foil!  You will need Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, blue construction paper, a button or bead, needle and thread.  Cut lots of small to medium size squares using the Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, and blue construction paper.  After threading your needle, first add the button or bead and secure your knot.  Then begin threading your squares alternating Aluminum Foil, red tissue paper, Aluminum Foil, blue construction paper, etc.  You will need several squares to create a full and festive garland.  This super easy garland will add "spunk and sparkle" to your 4th of July celebration!


Aluminum Foil
Red tissue paper
Blue construction paper
Button or bead
Needle and thread

4Th of July Candle Votives:

Your table is set, and it's time to add a bit of light to your 4Th of July table!  Gather any size clear glass jars or vases.  Next, use red and white striped and blue and white striped clotheslines (found at the dollar store) and wrap the clotheslines around the jars and vases.  Secure your first piece with a dab of hot glue at the base of the jar and vase.  Wrap the clotheslines around the jar and vase securing with hot glue periodically.  Be creative...wrap one jar with all red and white, another vase with the blue and white clothesline, or mix them both together!  


Clear glass jars and vases
Red and white and blue and white clothesline (found at the dollar store)
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Red, White and Blue

Make your garden and patio look patriotic for July 4Th.  Simple and inexpensive projects is what summer is all about.  Just take Terra-Cotta pots and spray paint the red, white and blue in any design your heart desires.  I like to do stars and stripes.  Just take masking tape or painters tape and do the stripes and for the stars all you have to do is stick star shape decals to the pot.  Last just spray paint the pot and when dry, remove tape and decals.  Now for the final touch, plant with an assortment of red, white and blue flowers and foliage plants.  Add a small flag or two and your are ready for a party.