Saturday, July 27, 2013

Xeriscaping Defined

Xeriscaping is water-sensible gardening, or using plants that survive on the water that nature provides, with minimal supplementation.  The word is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means of course "dry."  Though water-wise gardening has been around for such a long time, the modern xeriscaping movement began in the 1980's,  believe it or not,  in Denver, where landscapers worked with the water department to develop more conservation-oriented plantings. 

Most of us may live in communities where water shortages are a concern.  So the right plant selection becomes important.  You want to concentrate on plants that grow like our native plants.  Here is a list of low maintenance plants that are durable and tough.   A note of caution-newly planted plants require regular doses of water  in the beginning until established.  Long stretches of hot dry weather can also be a concern,  so when possible provide some water to help your plants survive temporary periods of drought.

Wintergreen Boxwood's.
Most hollies except the Compacta and Helleri varieties.
Junipers such as Seagreen and Grey Owl
German Irises
Crape Myrtles both dwarf and tree form.
Honey Locust trees
Dusty Miller
Russian Sage

These are just a few plants that will thrive in our summer heat with minimum care.

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