Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lawn Art

Have fun in the sun.....  Adorn your landscape with lawn art.  Here is a simple idea to give you big impact in your flower beds.  Use these metal spheres as plant supports in your garden.  They look awesome sitting on top of a container planted with vines and flowers.  What about hanging a few from a tree??  There are even 8 foot tall one for that "WOW" factor.  Let your imagination sore baby.....Never be shy and always be different then your neighbors..............You can find these spheres at Botanica Gardens or other garden centers.

Flower Power

With the warmer temperatures and sunny weather, your winter seasonal color such as pansies, ornamental cabbages, kale, Swiss Chard, and others will need a little boost to get them in full color for the spring.  Go ahead and remove any dead flowers and leaves.  Now all you have to do is give them a good feeding of any all-purpose fertilizer.  I like using Premium Pansy Food by Fertiliome,  but honestly, any high phosphorusfertilizer will produce an abundance of flowers.  You may also want to spray your plants with any insecticide such as Triple Action Plus by Fertiliome.  This will prevent any infestation of aphids which usually occurs right about now.  These little bugs can zap all the nutrients right out of your plants resulting in minimal flowers or plant death.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hot New Tropical Plants With a Twist

I love to find new variety of tropical plants.  Well guess what.......we have some new varieties and some unusual tropical plants that will thrive in the Southern heat.  Kids love the Venus Fly Trap.  Believe or not, this plant is winter hardy.  Why not get the bean plant.  Spice things up with new varieties of bromeliads.  What about ferns............I have some great ones that will make your containers the talk of the neighborhood this summer.  Watch out and watch them grow baby.....just sayin.

Turning Colors

Don't wait to late....It's the perfect time of year to change the PH of your soil so you can influence the color of their flowers.  The old fashion Mop Tops, for the most part, can be influenced to be blue or pink depending on your soil PH.  If want to get that rich blue too purple hue then you want acidic soil.  Some of you may already have acidic soil,  a soil test will show you that, but if you don't just apply Ironite or Sulfate.  It will take several applications to get that deep rich color.  If you want pink then you want alkaline soil.   All you have to do is apply Lime.  This is the time to apply either product.   Then you will want to continue with several more applications through out the year.  Make sure you read the instructions.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I know what you are thinking, is it time already to purchase your seeds for spring and summer color??
The answer is a big YES.  This is the time to find fresh seeds and the biggest selection.  Whether you buy your seeds from a garden center or catalog, buy now.  If you are looking for great plants that bloom all spring, summer and fall in the South then fret not.  Here are some of my favorites:  the cypress vine (great red flowers), sweet peas (plant now), assorted sunflowers, zinnias, bachelor buttons (plant now), and Sensation cosmos (plant now).  There are so many more to choose from, go wild and enjoy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Planting Winter Vegetables for Spring Harvest

Even though we just came out of a cold front, it's time to start planting your garden with winter hardy plants for late winter and spring harvest.  Greens are so healthy for you.   Why not grow your own fresh greens that will be rich in flavor,  pesticide free, and so good for you.  This is the perfect time to plant spinach, mustard, arugula (my fav), lettuce and different varieties of Swisschard.  Don't forget about cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower too.  All these vegetables need is full sun, good drainage, rich soil and a little time.  Before you know it, you will be feasting on fresh produce right from your yard or from your containers on your patio.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's-Give a for a life time

Here is such an easy project for you to create that perfect romantic gift.  Whether you think you are an artist or note, I promise you can paint your own piece of heart.
You will need:

Large prestretched artist's canvas
Assorted colors of acrylic paints (orange, yellow, red, lime, aqua, teal blue, and pink)
Gel Medium
Palette Knife
Wide chip brush

Here's How:

1. Lay canvas on covered work space.  Working from above, squirt paint, one color at a time on canvas.  Be random, don't worry about it being perfect!  You really can't mess this up...
2.  Mix paint with gel medium.
3.  Using spatula, apply paint to create heart in center of canvas.
4.  Go over heart gently with chip brush.
5.  Apply additional paint squirts to heart as desired.

This is how to create your own lasting impressions.

"Romantic Dinner for Two"

Don't waste anymore time.  It's that time of year to prepare yourself for a great and successful Valentine's Day.  With that being said, here is what you need to do to create that perfect tablescape for a romantic dinner.  First, you have to create the floral arrangement  that we did in segment one.  Now you just have to simply accessorize.  I  will show you how to make your own simple napkin rings with red aluminum wire and beads.  Now don't forget about the table cloth.  Just get a inexpensive piece of burlap from your local craft store, and then stencil with black acrylic paint a love note.  Add some candles in red votives to set the mood.  It's that simple.  You will thank me later, if you know what I mean!!
Have an awesome week...
 "Valentine Gifts with Heart"

Say you love someone with a homemade heart.  Create your own mossed heart. 


Styrofoam Egg 3 7/8" x 5 7/8"
Thick craft glue
Reindeer Moss (any color)
serrated knife
Dental Floss

Here's How:
1.  Use scissors or serrated knife to cut egg n half lenghtwise.
2.  Attach moss to heart shape with glue.
3.  Use dental floss to secure base layer of moss to egg and the tie off at the back.
4.  Glue another layer of moss where needed. When dry, trim with scissors to accentuate the heart shape.

"A Pan Full of Roses"

Make someone feel special this Valentine’s Day.  Forget about giving the same old flower arrangement you give every year and instead add that special element of surprise.   You can do it!!!  You can easily make your own arrangement that will mean so much more then a grocery bought boutique.  Trust me….pay back will be worth it…Just sayin…All you need:

Heart shaped cake pan
Floral foam blocks (2)
Lavender spray paint
Sweetheart roses (2 or 3 different colors)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Here’s How:

Spray paint pan lavender or favorite color.
Cut floral foam to fit in container, hot glue to bottom of pan.
Fill pan with water.   The bricks will soak up the water; fill until saturated.
Arrange rose buds by cutting stems about 2 inch long and pushing into foam.

Happy Valentine’s Day….Good Luck