Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yard Art Bunny

Have fun in the sun this Easter.  But a smile on the faces of everyone that comes to your home.  All you have to do is make bunnies out of your shrubs in your yard or in a container.  Here is how:
You will need:

A large round bush (we used a boxwood)
Wooden skewers
Four 3” Styrofoam balls
2 large black buttons
Fake tomato
2 large leaves (we used banana leaves)
Yellow daisies
Birch branches
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1.     Position banana leaves in plant, bending one leaf to look like droopy ear.
2.     For each eye, hot glue button in center of Styrofoam ball. Remove daisy from stem and fold flower petals in half; glue in place. Glue petals to ball to create eyelashes; insert skewer.
3.     Remove stem on tomato and insert skewer, glue if necessary.
4.     For cheeks, place remaining Styrofoam balls on skewers. 
5.     Insert all pieces into plant as shown.
6.     Stick birch branches into cheeks for whiskers.
7.     Add bow at bottom.

Easter Nest Arrangement

Had color, fun and excitement to your home by creating your own Easter nest arrangement.  Soooo simple.
Just take a lush blooming hanging basket,  just place the pot into another decorative container without actually planting the plants.  Then take the hanger off the basket.  Now take fresh cut contorted willow branches and create your own nest in the middle of the plants.  For the final touch, place colorful plastic eggs in the center of your newly created bird nest.  The flowering plants mixed with the willow branches and vibrant eggs are the perfect Easter arrangement.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Perfect Kitchen

Since so many of us spend so much time in our kitchens, then why not accessorize with fun, colorful, and unique  items.  It's also about placement.  Use stacked cookbooks as pedestals, and then display your little treasures that you have collected over time.  I even like to take square pots and turn them on their sides and use those under your cabinets as little display boxes.  Stack them for add flair.  The key is too never limit yourself and then your kitchen can be a place to not only cook but to have a party.

Made in the Shade

Add greenery, color, and some "pop" to your shady areas.  There are so many shrubs and perennials that thrive in the shade.  If you like the rich dark color green, then plant some Yews in your shade garden.  Add height and texture with different varieties of Mahonias.  Don't forget to plant with low border plants such as ferns, ajuga, and different low growers.  This is the perfect time to make your drab shade area into a showplace.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-purposed Terra-Cotta Pots and Saucers

I just love Terra-Cotta.    I even painted my first apartment in a Terra-Cotta color.  The apartment manager was not too happy, but I was.....:)    Since Terra-Cotta containers and saucers are so affordable and, for that matter, must of us have a few pieces hanging around the garage, reuse them as the perfect table setting and/or as a cake stand.  What about as a bird bath?  A dish garden?  The end result is that you re-purposed your Terra Cotta into something fashionable and as an accessory inside or outside.

Festive Easter Ideas for Your Home

Easter is almost here. Here are some easy ideas to make your home inside and out a spring delight with an Easter flair.  Decorate with Easter Lilies in clay pots and then add some fake Easter Eggs around its base with some Easter Hay.  Why not use chocolate bunnies for a table arrangement.  Use a cake stand and load it up with all different sizes of chocolate Easter rabbits....It not only looks great but will taste soooooo good....

Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, so you know what that means....?  That means it is time to get those spring chores done out in the yard.

1.  Cut back Crepe Myrtles if and only if necessary.
2.  Trim back Tardiva, Annebelle, and Pee Gee hydrangeas.
3.  Trim back most grasses.
4.  Prune back shrubs that bloom in the summer not spring bloomers.
5.  Apply aluminum sulfate to hydrangeas.
6.  Trim back monkey grass.
7.  Clean leaves out of the flowerbeds and re-bark.
Don't get over whelmed.  Clean on section of the yard at a time and before you know it, you will have a yard to be proud of.

Spring Floral Delights

Create your own floral arrangement with out spending a dime on flowers.  That's right!!!   All over Arkansas wild trees are blooming with their spring flowers.  Pull over and cut some branches and Chris will show you how to create your own flower arrangement.
All you need:
Floral Foam
Square Container
Flowering Branches-variety depends on you
1.  Cut your floral foam to fit in the square container.
2.  Fill with water.
3.  Cut your branches in equal lengths.
4.  Fill the container full of branches.
5.  Hedge the top of the branches so they are even at the top.