Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Independence Day Flora

Dress up your Independence Day party with a easy, affordable, and colorful July 4Th arrangement.  Create layers or levels by taking a clay Terra Cotta saucer and spray painting each layer the 3 colors of the holiday.  Between each layer place a upside down clay Terra Cotta 4 inch pot.  Each pot should be painted as well.  The bottom layer is the largest saucer and then downsize from there.  Now just fill each saucer with water and add sweet carnations is the colors of red and white.

Red, While and Blue Decor

Happy July 4th!  Decorate your table scape and house with great colorful July 4th accessories.  Chris will show you how to take ordinary glass containers and turn them into colorful vases with just tape, rubber bands, and spray paint.  Don't forget the flowers.  Fill the containers with white hydrangeas and you have an explosion of living fireworks. 

Take a glass cake cover and add pizazz to it for  July 4th by taking acrylic paint and creating your own master design.  Place over holiday cup cakes with red forks in them holding guest name tags.  The great thing is the acrylic paint washes off so you can recreate for all holidays.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mirrors that Always Reflect Beauty

Spice up your wall with a customize decorated mirror. So fun and so easy to do...Here is what you need and here is how you do it.

What you need:
Old framed Mirror                                        Painters Tape and newspaper
White Primer spray paint                            Modge Podge glue
Fine line brush                                              2 Chipboard paint brushes
Black acrylic gloss paint                               Colorful Napkins
White acrylic gloss paint                              Craft knife or razor blade

Wild Animal Containers

Have fun and dress up your interior or exterior with potted animal containers.  There are so many different containers with animal themes.  Why not plant a frog pot with succulents and then for an added twist tuck in a vegetation garden frog statue.  The same can apply to any animal container.  You can take a pot in the shape of a bird and add indoor tropical plants and then accessorize with a moss covered bird and for that perfect gift included a bar of soap wrapped in bird paper and why not a glass paper weight with a bird as the focal point.
Endless possibilities....