Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Death of Roses

Sad but true.  A very devastating disease is affecting all cultivators of roses.  This virus is called rose rosette virus.  It spreads by way of a little mite.  When the mite bites into the rose plant the virus spreads and will usually kill the plant.  Even Knock Out Roses that are very disease resistant can be affected by this rose.   What to do?  There are not sprays that will control this disease so you have two options.
1.  Prune out canes as soon as they begin to show symptoms an hope the virus has not infected the whole plant.
2.  Once the plant shows symptoms remove and destroy.

Luckily, this disease does not live in the soil.  Therefore, carefully remove the infected plant even the rot system.  Then soon you can plant a new rose again.

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