Monday, February 28, 2011

How and What to Use When Cleaning Your Patio Cushions

Yes...........It is that time of year to get your patio furniture ready for the warm seasons. Most of us hate to wash cushions and patio furniture and for that matter, most of us don't know what products to use. Just plain soap and water won't do. You need to use stronger products to clean that mildew and give those cushions a new and fresh look. I know there are products on the market that claim to clean outdoor cushions, but I have found, usually, that they have not really gotten the job done for me. So what I use is a commercial mildew cleaner. You can go to your local home and center and purchase a big container of mildew cleaner. Word of CAUTION, first try a very small area of one of your cushions (preferably the bottom) to make sure that the bleach or chemicals in the mixture will not discolor. I personally have never had that problem, but it's important to make sure you test. I simply spray my cushions on the driveway with water. Then pour the product right onto cushions and scrub it into it with a scrub brush. Then wash of with clean water. Let dry before placing onto the furniture. If you have a lot of mildew and some of it remains after scrubbing, no worries, it will fade away in a few hours.

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