Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adding Texture and Color to your Garden

It's that time of year to get your gardens looking great so you can enjoy their beauty all summer long. I know, the temperature is getting hot, but it's not too late. So let's get some work done. Remove those old pansies and add lots of different varieties of annuals. Cheat a little and fill voids with over sized hanging baskets. Use colorful foliage plants such as Moses in a Cradle that will for sure add color to your landscape all the way through to the first frost. Remember to add plants such as the Summer Snap Dragons, Hibiscus, and Kimberly Ferns for drama. I like to plant in drifts and I like the flowerbeds full and lush. You get alot of bang for your buck when you spend more for spring and summer annuals. Eight months for that matter. So spend a little money and enjoy a beautiful retreat all summer long. See what we have planted in the Weather Garden. We have lots of great ideas for you.

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