Friday, August 31, 2012

Autumn Stepping Stones

Preserve autumn year round by making your own fall stepping stones.  All you need is a pizza box, a plastic bag, some ready-to-use concrete mix and a few fall leaves.  A pair of latex gloves may be a great idea.

Step 1:

Cut the lid off the pizza box and reinforce each corner with duct tape.  Then cut the bottom and side seam of a kitchen garbage bag to fit and secure it with tape.  This will keep the concrete from sticking.

Step 2:

Mix fast-drying concrete with water according to package directions, until it's the consistency of a thick cake mix.  Fill the pizza box with the mix, pushing it into the corners and removing air bubbles.

Step 3:

Press the leaves into the wet concrete surface.  Sometimes you may have to weigh part of the leaf down, so small stones may help. If water comes to the surface, no worries, it will evaporate.

Step 4:
When the concrete has completely dried, take it out of the box and pull out the leaves.  If part of the leaf sticks to the concrete, just leave that for it will wash away in time!

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