Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winter Containers

Give your yard and patio a make over this fall by simply replanting your containers with some winter hardy evergreens. All you have to do is start with some of the taller plants in the back and staircase  them down to the front of the pot with an assortment of evergreens.  (check out my blog on hearty winter evergreens!)  Remember it is not about symmetry but about balance. Your potted containers do not have to match on both sides of your front door or where you choose to put them. Just place one large pot on one side and on the other side of the door place two pots, one mid-size and one smaller size.

Add some color with your evergreens such as the new Cool Wave pansies. These trailing pansies will fill more garden space and drape the sides of your pots. Load with flowers, Cool Wave pansies come in an assortment of colors. Add ornamental kale such as my favorite variety the Peacock Kale, ornamental cabbages, and evergreen herbs for interested and texture.


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