Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Chores

Yes.............its that time of year to get out in the yard and do your winter chores.  The weather is perfect to go ahead and prune back your roses.  When it comes to shrub roses (like Knock Out roses) I prune back mine to about  half.  Some varieties such as floribundas and granifloras can be cut back to about 18 inches from the crown. 
Don't forget to cut make your liriope and spireas.  Also certain varieties of hydrangeas need to be pruned back as well.  Pee Gee, Tardiva, Limelight, etc. need to be pruned back each winter to about half their original size.  The old fashion mop tops require no pruning unless they are getting to large for their area. But you will want to cut out the weak and dead  stems from the interior of these plants.  This will help  with air flow thus preventing diseases and will add in new growth.  With new growth comes more flowers.
Don't forget to also re-bark your flower beds.  I prefer hardwood mulch.  Mulch will add nutrients to the soil as it decays, conserves moisture, prevents weeds, and looks great and fresh.

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