Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flowering Tree with Spring Pizazz

This is the time of year that I just love! Everything starts to spring forth with wonderful flowers and lush foliage.  If you are considering replacing some of your damaged trees from this past winter,  here are a few of my favorites.  The ultimate spring bloomer is the Yoshino Cherry tree.  I can't say enough about this tree.  It grows about 40 feet tall and nice and wide.   Unlike a Bradford Pear tree, this tree blooms along the stems and looks more oriental in shape.  It is so graceful when covered in pale pink flowers.  Plus, since the wood is strong, there is less of a chance for winter damage.  Then you may want to grow the Forest Redbud tree.  Unlike the native redbud, this variety blooms very dark purple flowers and it also has burgundy foliage. You get a two for one with this beauty!  Last,  plant a Jane Tulip Magnolia.  This tree is usually multi-trunk and is covered in purple tulip shape flowers instead of the common pale pink.  Plant one or all three of these trees for a spring  season that is so colorful each and every year to come.

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