Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paint Chip Framed Art/Paint Drip Container

Paint Chip Framed Art:

It's officially the winter months, and there's nothing like displaying a pop of color inside the home!  Why not create art using paint chips!  You will need a variety of paint chips (free samples found at your local paint store), a circle punch (we used a 1 inch circle), 3/8 inch felt pads, a frame (we used 11 x 14), and a hot glue gun.  We used an inexpensive brown frame and painted it black.  Simply take the advertisement sheet found inside the glass frame, turn it over, and hot glue it to the cardboard backing.  You now have a white glossy background to begin the project.  Punch out circles in a variety of colors.  You will need enough to line up six to seven circles in one row with an inch spacing in between each circle.  We started with blues and transitioned into reds.  Using a ruler, measure out the spaces and place each 3/8 felt pad (self adhesive) in its spot on the white background.  Hot glue each circle onto the felt pad.  Once completed, place the art inside the frame and attach using glazier points.  Glazier points can be found at your local craft store.  Push a glazier point into the backside of the frame to secure the art.  Display on the wall or place on an easel and enjoy!


- Paint chips in a variety of colors
- 1 inch circle punch
- 3/8 inch self adhesive felt pads
- Picture frame 
- Glazier points
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Paint Drip Container:

The outdoor plants are in for the winter, so let's create some creative and colorful containers simply using terra-cotta pots and paint!  Cover a workspace with newspaper.  Turn any size terra-cotta pot upside down.  Next, using acrylic paint (any color) and pour the paint on the top (really the bottom of the pot) and allow the paint to drip down the side.  That's it!  Now repeat this step with as many colors as you would like.  It's fun to completely cover the terra-cotta pot, or you may leave a hint of the original color too.  Place your indoor plants inside these fun and colorful new containers!

Of course, remember to put a unique plant or collection of plants in your new pot.    Your plant selection should be as creative as your paint colors.  Vibrant bromeliads or even a collection of different succulents will help make your painted container a masterpiece.


- Terracotta pots
- Newspaper
- Acrylic paint

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