Friday, May 16, 2014

Custom Made Gifts for your Mom

Bling Bling Vase:

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to be thinking about a very special gift.  Why not create a bling bling vase that is full of sparkle and may be filled with something special!  Take any type of vase.  We used a cylinder style Terra-Cotta vase.  Now it's time for the bling bling!  Your mother may have some costume jewelry that she never wears which would be great.  If not, any antique mall or even a craft store has jewelry that may be used.  At your local hardware story, you will find a pre-mixed adhesive and grout mixture that you will apply to the outside of the vase using a plastic knife.  Simply layer the adhesive add add the costume jewelry.  Allow to dry overnight.  We also used colorful beads for an extra pop of color.  Present your mother with this bling bling vase filled with some happy flowers!


- Vase
- Costume jewelry/beads
- Pre-mixed adhesive and grout mixture
- Plastic knife
- Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers:

With Mother's Day around the corner, creating coffee filter flowers will be a great project to make with the kids!  You will need a package of coffee filters, wooden skewers, green garden tape, food coloring/and or acrylic paint.  Take one coffee filter and fold into thirds.  Roll this coffee filter into a tube (the center of the flower).  Take another coffee filter and roll around the center of the flower.  Repeat this step until the flower is full.  Hot glue the center of the flower to the other rolled coffee filters.  Poke the wooden skewer into the center of the flower and secure with hot glue. Completely wrap the wooden skewer with green garden tape.  Next, dip the flower into a bowl filled with food coloring and water.  The coffee filters will absorb the colored water.  Allow to dry overnight.  You may also use watered down acrylic paint in any color.  

- Coffee filters
- Wooden skewers
- Green garden tape
- Food coloring/acrylic paint
- Hot glue gun/hot glue

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