Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl Party Ideas Part I

It's that time of year that men and for that matter most women, love football and better yet the Super Bowl.  If you are having guests over or going to a Super Bowl party then here are some easy ideas to help set the mood.    Dress your table up by simply covering it with Astra Turf and creating the yard  lines with white tape.  Better yet  create the numbers with the tape as well. 
Help set the mood by using a real football as a table arrangement or even as a food dish.  Just deflate the football, create a bowl out of it and then arrange flowers or food in it.  You can also take empty food cans like canned veges, clean, spray paint the outside brown and then with white acrylic paint, paint the laces.
Have a great Super Bowl party................Go Patriots...........just sayin

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