Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Do's and Don'ts when Growing Seeds

Winter is the best time of year to lay down on that comfy couch and and start dreaming about your spring garden.  If you like to watch things grow from seed, then there are several things to look for on a seed packet.
1.  Days to Germination.
2.  Days to Maturity.
3.  Packed for, or sell by, Date:
4.  How to Plant.
5.  How to Harvest.  Time frame and how to know when to pick.
6.  Diseases and Pests.
7.  A Picture.
8.  The Botanical Name.
Seed Starting Pitfalls
1.  Planting too Deep:  Read the directions and make sure to plant according to the right depth.
2.  Starting to Early:  We are all anxious to getting started in the garden, but if you start your seeds to early then it may be to early to plant outdoors.
3.  Skimping on Light:  To mimic spring sunlight, place grow lights 1 to 2 inches above your seedlings, taking care not to burn the leaves.  After germination, supply 14 hours of light daily.

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