Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In the Gutter Gardening

Do you dream of having a garden but live in a small space?  If so, the gutter garden is the perfect solution!  It consists of 3 (3 foot) sections of gutter wired together to create a narrow and suspended look.  Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Measure the distance from your patio or other designated space where you want the first gutter to hang.  Measure all the way down to ensure all three gutter pieces will fit without hitting the     ground.
  2. Have gutters cut into three 3 (3 foot) sections at local hardware store or big box store.
  3. Gather supplies and begin the drilling process.  Using a 1/8" drill bit, drill holes at least 4 inches apart along the bottom of each gutter for drainage.  Next, drill 1 hole at the front and back of each gutter section to place cable through.  Be sure all holes are drilled the same in each gutter section for it to line up equally when suspended.
  4. Place end caps on the sides once holes are drilled.
  5. Run the cable through the top (front and back) holes of each gutter section and secure with a ferrule.  The ferrule will be clamped shut using bolt cutters.
  6. Pull the unattached end of the same cable through the drilled hole in the next higher gutter section.  Slip on the ferrule and then clamp it shut.  Measure your cables throughout the process to ensure ferrules are put on in equal lengths.
  7. Attach thimble sets to the end of each top cable.
  8. Place screw-in hooks in designated space and suspend your new gutter garden!


- 2 Thimble sets (used to create hook loop on the top cables)
- 2 Ferrule sets
- 1 10 foot plastic gutter cut into thirds (Big box store will do this for you)
- 6 Gutter end caps (3 sets of 2)
- 2 Screw-in hooks to suspend from patio roof, shed, fence
- 16 Feet of 1/8" non-coated cable (2 lengths of 3 feet for top cables and 4 lengths of 2.5 feet for rest of project)
- Dirt and plants

*You will need to measure for yourself how far down you want your top cables to hang or if you'd like more space between the middle sections.  The lower cables give us a 12" space in between our gutters.


- Bolt cutters
- Drill
- 1/8" drill bit

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