Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stackable Crate Garden

For an interesting focal point in the garden, make a stackable crate garden!  This unique display is super easy to create.  Begin with unfinished wooden crates.  The number of crates will depend on the height you would like in the garden.  We used three crates.  Use any color of wood stain and brush the stain onto the wooden crates using a foam brush.  You may blot excess stain with paper towels. Once the wooden crates are completely stained, spray or brush on a clear water sealer to protect the crates from the outdoors.  Stack the crates as you wish.  Line crates with plastic bags or another product that will keep dirt inside the crates.  Fill the crates with herbs, flowers, or a variety of plants and enjoy your stackable crate garden!


-Unfinished wooden crates
-Wood stain
-Foam brush
-Paper towel
-Plastic bags
-Herbs, flowers, and/or plants

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