Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Add a little "bling bling" to your holiday decorations!

Bling Bling Christmas Stockings:

It's a special time of the year for giving, so why not create a "Bling Bling Christmas Stocking!"  This stocking makes the perfect gift or can be the gift wrap to hold a bottle of wine or plant!  Simply take a stocking of your choice and embellish it!  We chose traditional red and white stockings and added a crystal snowflake ornament which also serves as an extra gift.  Next, add crystal like snowflakes that are actually stickers all over the stocking.  For more of a traditional look, simply take Poinsettia dimensional stickers from the scrapbook section and embellish away!  Add red and green ribbon as a special touch!  These simple yet fun stockings will make your gift giving extra special this holiday season!


- Christmas stockings of your choice
- Crystal Christmas ornament
- Crystal snowflake stickers
- Ribbon
- Christmas scrapbook embellishments
- Tacky glue

Sequined Christmas Ornaments:

There's something special about "sparkly" Christmas ornaments adorning a tree!  Creating sequined ornaments is a true treat and will make your Christmas tree dazzle!  Take clear plastic ornaments found at your local craft store and hot glue strands of sequin trim.  Beginning at the top of the ornament, hot glue the sequin trim and glue around the ornament until it's completed covered.  Add a complimentary ribbon to the top of the ornament!  It's that simple to add a bit of sparkle to your tree this year!


- Clear plastic ornaments
- Sequin trim
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue
- Ribbon

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