Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burlap Balls

Burlap Balls:

Creating burlap balls and suspending them from your chandelier will add a nice touch of Christmas to your dining space!  You will need small Styrofoam balls, burlap ribbon, sprigs of Christmas greenery or berries, and ribbon, and double pronged pins.  Simply cut 3-4 inch strips of burlap ribbon and hot glue the ends together.  Using the double pronged pins, pin the looped burlap ribbon into the Styrofoam ball.  Repeat this step until the ball is completely covered.  Next, add the Christmas greenery and berries inside the burlap loops.  Cut ribbon at varied lengths, fold ends together, and attach using the double pronged pin.  Suspend the burlap balls from your chandelier and enjoy!

You can even accessorize with the burlap balls by mixing them with other ornaments in a bowl.  Add a poinsettia or two to the display and holiday cheer will abound.


- Small Styrofoam balls
- Burlap ribbon
- Christmas greenery and berries
- Ribbon
- Double pronged pins
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue

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