Monday, March 31, 2014

Perennial Power

It's time to start selecting and planting the right perennials for your landscape.  Before you go to your garden center make sure you take a few pictures of your area to show the garden center expert.  Then study what your light requirements are in each particular area.  Is it shady, semi-shady, and/or full sun.  The right light is essential in making your perennials bloom and survive the Southern heat. 

Also, chose the right perennials that will provide color for different seasons.  For example, plant Columbine for early spring color, for summer color plant yellow Rudbeckia, and then in fall plant Pineapple Sage.  

Make sure you enrich your soil with organic mix and good drainage is essential.   Also, feed your perennials at least twice during the growing season for maximum blooming power.

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