Monday, March 10, 2014

Wine Cork Ideas for the Kitchen

Succulent Cork Magnet:

Here is a great project using corks!  You may have used corks lying around the house, if not, they may be found at your local craft store.  Using a paring knife or drill, carve out the middle section of the cork.  Carve down 3/4 of the cork.  Place a little bit of soil inside the cork, place one small succulent root inside the soil, and sprinkle with water.  Hot glue a small magnet to the backside of the cork and place on the fridge!  


- Corks
- Paring knife/drill
- Soil
- Succulents
- Small magnets
- Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Cork Trivet:

If you have several leftover wine corks, this is the project for you!  This simple project is decorative and useful!  Simply take several wine corks and create a pattern of your choice.  We hot glued a pair of wine corks vertically and then hot glued a pair of wine corks horizontally adjacent to the vertical pair.  Create at least four pairs for each row.  Repeat until there are four to six rows creating a square.  Using an embroidery hoop, you may also hot glue wine corks together in a circular pattern.  Fill the embroidery hoop first to ensure the number of wine corks needed.  Once all wine corks are glued, tighten the embroidery hoop for an unexpected feature!


- Wine corks
- Embroidery hoop
- Hot glue gun/hot glue

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