Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Decorations

With Easter less then a month away and this is the time to collect all of your Easter goodies at the store before they are gone.  If you are visiting family or friends this Easter then I have the perfect Easter gift idea for you to bring.  For that matter, its a perfect gift for yourself.  All you need to do is take an Easter basket and line the basket with plastic.  Now fill the basket half way with light weight pine or orchid bark.  Then go and visit your local Pets Mart (remember, this is for you to keep outside) and buy live grass in pots .  They usually sell 4 inch pots (for cats to nibble on) at the cash register area.  Plant the basket with several 4 inch pots.  Now just tuck into the planted  grass a Terra-Cotta bunny or any kinda of bunny.  Then add a few artificial Easter eggs.
Now you have the perfect Easter decoration to enhance your home or someones home you care about.

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