Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Basics in Outdoor Winter Chores

Tis the season to get your winter chores done.  If you need to control the size of your crepe myrtles then this is the time to give them a pruning.  Remember not to murder your poor plants, but instead,  as we have done in the Weather Garden, give them a light cut here and there.  Pruning crepes does help produce larger clusters of flowers. 
This is also the time to give your ornamental grasses a hair cut.  Trim these guys back about 8 inches from the ground.  You can actually trim back any type of plant right now as long as it is not a spring bloomer.  So stay away from Purple Fringe shrubs and azaleas.  I would go ahead and prune back any evergreens that need a haircut as well.  I prune back my holly trees every 3 years so they say full and thick and thus less winter damage.
Lastly, remember to re-bark your beds for that final touch!  Come on into Botanica Gardens if you want my staff or I to give you any one on one pointers!

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